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Zen Garden, Japanese Garden, Transquity Space

Design, Landscaping, Irrigation, Construction

Arizona Zenscapes is Tucson's one-stop shop for your landscaping, gardening, and design needs!

We're the only Residential and Commercial Landscape Contractor in Southeastern Arizona specializing in Japanese Gardens. 

Our natural approach to garden design, creation, and maintenance has afforded us a unique view to developing sustainable, low-water use, indiginous plants that thrive in the Sonoran Desert.  

But that's not all! We're also a licened general contractor, and do all electrical, plumbing, irrigation, rain-water recapture, carpentry, and masonary in-house. We're fully bonded, licensed, and insured for your peace-of-mind.

At Arizona Zenscapes, we specialize in the design, construction, and maintenance of:  

  • Oriental, Japanese and Zen style gardens
  • Sacred spaces and structures, teahouses 
  • Meditation gardens 
  • Natural water features, fountains, basins 
  • "Dry" Water Features, Swales, Drainage 
  • Styling ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Organic gardens and methods 
  • Rock placement based on natural design 
  • Decorative wooden fencing, gazebos, decks, bridges 
  • Drip irrigation systems installation and 
  • Rain-water recapture
  • Ground Cover installation 
  • Garden Lighting Systems 
  • Patio construction 
  • Yard clean up, re-design, contouring 
  • Garden Paths / Walkway installation
  • All types of tree, shrub, plant installation and care 

Lanscape Maintenance


Continuing Garden Care

Tired of the same old electric shear, mow and blow, static look for your yard?  

Looking for something different that makes your garden / landscape unique and sets it apart from the rest?        

Arizona Zenscapes, designer and builder of Japanese-style Zen gardens and Sonoran Desert zeroscapes, provides on-going maintenance according to the principles of Japanese design.

Landscape Maintenance with an artistic gardener’s touch, according to the principles of Japanese-style Zen gardening.

If desired, we:

  • Style trees and shrubs according to the Japanese form of “clouds” and “waves”' 
  • Integrate plants with rocks in natural, harmonious forms
  • Care for Arizona-Scapes, natural or desert landscaping
  • Clean debris from ground cover
  • Maintain irrigation and lighting systems
  • Treat for pests using IPM (integrated pest management) rather than use poisons
  • Regular feeding of plants for strong, steady growth
  • Annual plantings of flowers, herbs, and vegetables
  • Annual care and maintenance for garden structures / buildings / gates
  • Maintenance of fountains and small water features


Weekly, Bi-monthly, Monthly Maintenance Plans available     

* * * Refer a maintenance client to us, and if we get the account, you receive an $80 discount on your next maintenance visit! * * * 

Additional Services

Design Services


  • Free initial consultation w/in Tucson Valley
  • Phoenix area consults: $250-$500
  • Sedona-Prescott-Flagstaff consults: $500-$750
  • Design and plans for Japanese Garden / Zen Garden / Sacred Space, regardless of location: $2,000+, including project management (if not field work)
  • At initial consultation, we'll review layout of property, house, and receive your input
  • First draft presented to client to sit with for a few weeks
  • 2nd meeting: refine plans, adding or subtracting elements as needed
  • At this point, we can provide estimates as to garden cost
  • After approval of the 2nd draft, we create an architectural, to-scale garden plan which gives us the final cost of garden
  • We will then either contract to do the install and build, or help manage the project if you go with another company for the build
  • Design services available for anywhere in the country

Drip Irrigation


  • Drip Irrigation System install, upgrade, repair, replacement  
  • Saves money on monthly water bills, ultimately payng for itself within months!

Outdoor Lighting


  • Liven up your landscape at night 
  • Add security and safety

Permaculture / Sustanability


  • Vegetable gardens 
  • Rainwater re-capture and usage 
  • Permaculture and Sustainable designs  
  • Composting Systems

Specialty Gardens


  • Meditation gardens 
  • Fairy gardens  
  • Children's gardens  
  • Pocket gardens  
  • Need for harmony and flow at home

Need a Change


  • If you're tired of your look, but like the elements you already have
  • You want to change your yard but not sure how
  • Your neglected garden is overwhelming